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Green Remodeling

Congratulations on thinking of remodeling!

Remodeling itself IS GREEN-- we are updating existing housing stock vs developing open spaces.

Green remodeling uses construction practices and products that

  1. create up to 40% greater indoor comfort with reduced unplanned air movement,
  2. increase indoor air quality using fewer chemical laden products,
  3. require less maintenance than many of today’s standard products
  4. include sustainable material in products
  5. include products with recycled and/or recyclable material
  6. reduce your utility costs

Cardea Construction is a unique remodeler because of our education, training and knowledge with ‘Smart framing’ techniques

  • Insulated concrete forms
  • Structural insulated panel systems
  • Glues, caulks and other products with little to no formaldehydes or VOCs
  • Finishes and products made with renewable content, recycled content, sustainable content
  • Products that increase your comfort while decreasing utility bills.
  • Products that create more time with your family due to low maintenance needs.

Once a 2 bedroom, 1 bath house; it is now a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home with a lower level recreation room.

Cardea added on to and remodeled this home following Energy Star, American Lung Association, and Green Building guidelines.

The result is one of Ann Arbor's most comfortable and energy efficient homes.

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